Elías Tefarikis

Director – Central & Latin America

For the past 13 years, Elías has worked on programs designed to strengthen the innovation ecosystems and public policies across Central and Latin America. Program partners have included the Inter-American Development Bank and the Pacific Alliance.

Elías is an accomplished and seasoned innovation specialist offering a gold standard experience as a serial entrepreneur and consultant at national and international levels for public and private companies.

He is the founder of Smyrna Labs, an innovation consulting firm specialized in innovation ecosystems and technology entrepreneurship. His competencies include Innovation Management, Public Policies, Consulting, Change Management, Design Thinking, Project Management, Technology Entrepreneurship, Open Innovation, Corporate Venturing, and Gamification.

Elías has led initiatives to develop innovation ecosystems, technology transfer, corporate venturing, and open innovation challenges in more than ten countries. He is an experienced influencer and an excellent communicator. To date, he has given over 200 talks on enterprise, innovation, and education to over 10,000 professionals at events in Central, Latin America & Europe.

Elías is also skilled in a variety of platforms and digital tools that facilitate collaboration and support the adoption of innovative practices. Elias holds a Bachelor in Education, a master’s degree in Education, and also a master (c) in Technology Entrepreneurship.

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