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As countries respond to COVID-19, even the most basic networks are becoming disrupted and more difficult to access. We help our clients – universities, innovation hubs, accelerators, national development agencies, and businesses alike – overcome these new barriers to successful innovation. Our team is strategically located to help innovation leaders in new markets across the globe.

Our partners include Forbes World Top 100 Universities, Times Higher Education Award winners, many new technology based companies, and some of the world’s leading innovation regions and international development agencies.

Building World Class Innovation Ecosystems

UI team members are embedded in some of the world’s leading innovation ecosystems. We are helping create new hubs of innovation activity on a day to day basis. Drawing on global best practice, our services range from strategic support to helping implement customized innovation development programs.

Encouraging and Guiding Tomorrow’s Innovators and Entrepreneurs

UI team members have designed and delivered numerous initiatives – competitions, team building games and mentored enterprise services – specifically for young people. We work with aspiring innovators across the globe.

Growing Innovative Businesses in the World’s Leading Technology Markets

Over 90% of the UI team have run their own business and all have first-hand experience supporting new start-ups in some of the world’s most competitive and rewarding international markets. 

Delivering New Enterprise Development Programs

All UI programs are customized to meet specific needs. Varying in length and content, they typically employ a mix of individual and group mentored support services.

Investing in New Technologies and New Opportunities

UI matches vetted innovations to potential funders. Our inhouse investment adviser has helped train, support and launch new angel networks in Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Vietnam, Mexico, and Colombia.

Providing Next Generation Virtual Training and Business Mentoring

We are overcoming new obstacles to innovation by successfully delivering virtual program and mentoring support. Our virtual training draws on the expertise of team members and other innovation specialists located in key markets worldwide.

Commercializing Research in New Markets

UI has worked with many of the world’s leading universities, research institutes, and innovation clusters. We are committed to delivering the best commercial outcome for your research. 

Committed to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

UI is a global collaboration and a committed supporter of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We subscribe to the UN’s Global Compact Initiative and stand ready to help our partners and clients to inspire sustainable and principled business.

Bridge The Innovation Highway

UI offers a novel, globally connected approach to innovation support. UI members have held leadership positions with many world innovation champions.

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