Dora Hormes

Innovation Advisor – Europe

Dora has been working at the interface between universities and industry for the past 15 years. Experienced in the public and private university sectors, she has also worked with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Having held various leadership positions – including Marketing Specialist, Program Director for projects financed by the European Social Fund (ESF), Head of Administration, and Head of Strategic Projects and Academic Partnerships – her focus is on collaboration, innovation, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurial thinking.

Dora is founder of NewTalentsNow, a consulting firm specializing in strategic academic partnerships for innovation and talent development. As an independent University Relations Manager, she enables and supports systematic collaboration between industry and science. Her focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises.

Since collaboration is a key skill of the future, Dora has developed the FutureSkillsCanvas. It is a skills check and collaboration tool that encourages employees, startups and individuals to achieve their goals by working collaboratively.

At the University of Rostock, Dora obtained a Master’s in Media and Education. She also holds a Master’s in Social Sciences from the Ludwig Maximilians-University Munich with credits in business administration.

Dora is a mentor and a qualified trainer. She is a member of the international University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) and various associations in Germany.

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