Supporting World Class Innovation – Across the Globe

Headquartered in greater New York, our operations and support networks extend across the US and Canada, Central & Latin America, South East Asia, Australia, South Africa and Europe. As we expand our footprint, we are building new connections and new capabilities for our clients in some of the world’s leading innovation centers.

Our team includes leaders in science and technology and specialists in innovation commercialization. We are experts in new market development, technology driven business formation and growth, IP, technology transfer and licensing.  At UI-Global we work across all industry sectors – from biotechnology and medical devices to advanced engineering and wireless. We help our innovation partners build bridges to new opportunities. We do this through customized support programs designed to commercialize new innovations and new opportunities.

UI Leadership Team

Team Experience

UI offers a novel, globally connected approach to innovation support. UI members have held leadership positions with many innovation champions including the Inter-American Development Bank, the National Research Council Canada, the Smithsonian Institute, Angel Capital Association, PharmaConnect Africa, the California Institute for Biomedical Research, Scottish Enterprise, European Research Council, Australian Institute for Commercialisation, and numerous start-up enterprises across multiple sectors.

UI Leadership Team Experience % Experience
Mentoring businesses 83
Mentoring young people in enterprise 92
Led or supported an enterprise competition 67
Led or supported a youth enterprise program 42
Invested in (or managed investments) in new enterprises 33
Run their own business 92
Led programs delivering more effective enterprise ecosystems 67
Worked in the Global South 42
Sector Experience
Education 82%
Social Impact 36%
Software, IT and Blockchain 27%
Agriculture and Nutrition 73%
Creative Industries 45%
High Tech and AI 45%
Financial Services 17%
Renewables 27%
Health Including Life Sciences 82%
Hardware 18%
Logistics – Travel, Transport, Other 36%

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